JEPLAN, Japanese startup that recycle everything, raises $16M

JEPLAN, Japanese startup that recycle everything, raises $16M


On September 7, 2022, JEPLAN, INC., a company that operates recycling business, announced that it has raised a total of approximately 2.44 billion yen ($16M) in Series D round.

Since its establishment in 2007, JEPLAN has been developing its business in cooperation with many businesses and consumers with the vision of "recycling everything" and focusing on the creation of supply chain systems to realize a recycling-oriented society. In June 2022, which is its 15th anniversary, they changed its name from Japan Environmental Design to JEPLAN and made a restart to expand its business both domestically and internationally.

JEPLAN operates BRING™, which is an outdoor apparel brand and a recycling platform. They also engage in the horizontal recycling from bottles to bottles and clothing to clothing by producing recycled PET resin from PET, enabled by its proprietary chemical recycling technology called BRING Technology™. Furthermore, with a view to expanding its business overseas, the company is conducting research and development for the commercialization of technology licensing for the recycling of used PET.

In this series D round, Baillie Gifford Shin Nippon plc, GOLDWIN PLAY EARTH FUND, MPOWER PARTNERS FUND, Shizuoka Capital, Dai-ichi Life Insurance Company, Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Company, and Rakuten Capital has taken part in as new shareholders. The capital raised in this round is approximately 2.44 billion yen in total. Masaki Takao, CEO of JEPLAN, said the following:

“We are deeply grateful for your support for our business and your investment in JEPLAN. There is the question of how society should respond to climate change and the need to shift to a recycling-oriented society that enables economic activities to coexist with the global environment. JEPLAN has been engaged in manufacturing and technology licensing using its proprietary chemical recycling technology, BRING Technology™, while working on a wide range of supply chains with the vision of "recycling everythings". JEPLAN will continue to make further efforts to accelerate the spread and expansion of resource recycling using this chemical recycling technology, not only in Japan but also overseas.”

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