Published 14 Oct 2022

Bring Out, a developer of sales DX SaaS, raises $1.35M

Bring Out, a developer of sales DX SaaS, raises $1.35M

On October 14, 2022, Bring Out Inc., a provider of the sales DX tool "Bring Out," announced that it raised 200 million yen ($1.35M) from JAFCO, Japan’s leading venture capital firm.

Bring Out is a startup founded to support DX for Japanese companies. The company's CEO, Kei Nakano, co-founded the company in December 2020 after working as a manager at a management consulting firm, serving as head of business development at Recruit Marketing Partners, and as a startup CEO.

Bring Out launched in July 2022, is a sales DX tool that can automatically convert business meetings records into texts through speech recognition at 99% accuracy regardless of online or face-to-face.

Using the company's proprietary, patent-pending AI that identifies critical points, it automatically identifies with an accuracy of over 80% how much the budget is, whether or not the approval route is comfirmed, and whether or not the sales talk is conducted in accordance with compliance.

This makes it possible to efficiently confirm the key points of business negotiations in a short period of time, and to streamline the understanding of issues and human resource development in business negotiations while greatly reducing the human cost-intensive tasks of preparing daily sales reports and holding meetings to confirm them. The system is already in use by major companies with an established reputation for sales capabilities, such as Recruit Co.

Bring Out plans to use the funds raised to develop an improved AI for extracting important information and to strengthen its service delivery for clients.

Yutaro Saka, a partner at JAFCO said the following:

“I was strongly attracted to the world Bring Out is trying to realize, and I am pleased to support them. The company has a big vision to solve the problems of sales professionals, who account for more than 10% of the working population, but their approach, led by Mr. Nakano, a first-class consultant, is calm and realistic, not a pipe dream. That is why they are supported by top companies with strong sales organizations. We will continue to support them.”

Bring Out’s company profile is here: