Published 28 Oct 2022

DAIZ, a developer of soybean plant meat in Japan, raises $13.6M

DAIZ, a developer of soybean plant meat in Japan, raises $13.6M

On October 28, 2022, DAIZ inc., a developer and manufacturer of “Miracle Meat,” a plant meat made from sprouted soybeans, announced that it has raised 2 billion yen ($13.6M).

DAIZ is a food-tech venture from Kumamoto, Japan, whose core technology is the proprietary the “Ochiai Germination Method” invented by Koji Ochiai, a board member of the company. The company has succeeded in developing delicious plant meat by using its proprietary technology, which it has been researching for many years, to solve the following problems with traditional plant meat: (1) bad taste and texture, (2) distinct smell of soybeans, and (3) lower nutritive value t. This is what called "Miracle Meat.”

DAIZ has formed a partnership with a major domestic company to pursue the improvement of the taste of "Miracle Meat" while at the same time expanding sales channels and educating people about the food culture that makes plant meat a new meat category.

In May 2021, the company established a subsidiary, DAIZ USA Inc. in Boston, to conduct marketing, sales, and R&D activities in the North American market. In Asia, the company shipped Miracle Meat to Thailand in the spring of 2022, and local companies have begun commercialization and sales of the product.

On October 28, 2022, DAIZ announced that it raised 2 billion yen from Cool Japan Fund. This latest funding brings the company's total amount raised to 8.8 billion yen.

The company plans to use the funds raised to strengthen its R&D for overseas market, marketing, and production, and to hire talents necessary for these activities. The company plans to promote sustainable food culture and realize a sustainable society through the spread of "Miracle Meat" on a global scale.

Kenichi Kawasaki, CEO and COO of the Cool Japan Fund said the following:

“We hope that DAIZ will work to solve the global protein crisis, which is one of the second SDGs’ goal "Zero Hunger," through a Japan-originated food tech solution that uses soybeans, a valuable protein source in Japanese food culture, and we also hope that DAIZ will actively expand the solution overseas. The goal of this investment is to contribute to the expansion of DAIZ's overseas business by providing comprehensive support using the extensive network and human resources as a public-private fund, as well as its expertise in supporting existing portfolio companies to increase their business value, thereby enhancing the brand value of the Japanese food industry.”

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