Published 12 Sep 2022

Diver-X, founded by the Masason Foundation members, unveils its product

Diver-X, founded by the Masason Foundation members, unveils its product

On September 12 2022, Diver-X announced “Contact Glove” a glove-type VR controller for consumers.

Diver-X is a startup co-founded in March 2021 by Yamato Sakoda, a 4th generation member and Kei Asano, a 3rd generation member of Masason Foundation. Both were born in 2002 and are up-and-coming engineers. Sakoda is a student at Keio University and Asano is a student at Columbia University Engineering School.

Sakoda and Asano felt the limits of their impact while engaged in research and development as engineers, and came to the decision of starting their own company as a way to maximize their impact on society. In September 2021, six months after its founding, the company raised 30 million yen ($210K) from DEEPCORE.

Diver-X's newly announced product is the world's first VR-compatible glove-type controller with haptic feedback. The unique haptic module using shape memory alloy (SMA) and linear resonant actuator (LRA) provides both a realistic sense of touch and the compactness of the device. Users can get the sense of touching things in the VR space and enjoy more immersive games and communication on the metaverse.

The "Contact Glove" also combines haptic feedback as well as advanced finger tracking and a magnetically detachable controller. Three magnetic sensors are embedded in the side of the index finger, allowing for accurate button and slide input without the need for a retrofitted controller. While providing the same or better functionality than existing VR controllers, the new controller is a glove-type that can be worn more naturally, and is low-priced for consumer use. The company has been developing this controller with the aim of making it a standard controller for future VR experiences.

Contact Glove is scheduled for release in late September on Kickstarter. Pricing ranges from 65,000 yen.

Diver-X’s company profile is here: