Published 29 Sep 2022

goooods, founded by Japanese serial entrepreneur, raises $3.7M in seed round

goooods, founded by Japanese serial entrepreneur, raises $3.7M in seed round

On September 28, 2022, goooods, founded by serial entrepreneurs, announced that it had raised 540 million yen ($3.7) in a seed round.

goooods is a developer and operater of a product that solves B2B transaction issues surrounding small brands with strong growth potential. The company is building a next-generation B2B commerce platform that performs all-in-one business partner discovery, credit management, and debt collection. Keisuke Kanno and Daisuke Matsumoto, who founded a smartphone video advertising platform and sold it to LINE for 7 billion yen, Shinrui Nonouchi, who was head of Asia Pacific at Google, and Takayuki Sato, who was lead engineer at GREE, came together as founding members and in October 2021 to found goooods.

While the spread of e-commerce platforms has made it easy for anyone to launch their own brand and sell products online, small brands face a wide range of challenges when expanding their B2B transactions. goooods believes that the transaction process and data in the B2B2C market is still unstructured and the productivity can be greatly enhanced by applying machine learning technology, which is already mature in its use in other areas, such as digital advertising. This will revolutionize traditional business practices that have been a barrier to small brands looking to grow, and will significantly increase the number of brands that can participate in B2B transactions.

goooods has raised 540 million yen in a seed round from Japanese and US VCs and angel investors, including XTech Ventures, Incubate Fund US, and Vela Partners. Since its founding, the company has continued to develop its products with its own capital, but in order to realize its mission "Everyone, entrepreneur," it has now received investment from experienced and powerful Japanese and U.S. investors in its first round of seed financing. They will use this funding to officially release the product and achieve rapid growth while recruiting founding members.

Kazuki Notsu, founder and managing partner of Incubate Fund US, said the following:

“I have worked with Mr. Kanno for 10 years on the same team at Google and he has been a top performer from the beginning. After several years of bounding ideas with him, I am very happy to be able to support goooods, the culmination of Mr. Sugano's strong passion and the intersection of markets. In the U.S., there is a precedent called Faire, which has a market capitalization of just under 2 trillion yen and was incubated by Sequioa, but goooods is planning a game-changing development that will surpass Faire, and we feel that it has great potential beyond Japan. I have had several meetings with the team members, and they are not only one of the best teams in the world, but also have a warm atmosphere. I am confident that we can build a better world together.”

goooods’s compnay profile is here: