Japanese Startup Markets: Education

Japanese Startup Markets: Education


Our new round of articles is devoted to promising Japanese startups grouped by industry. Today, our focus is on the Education.

1. Studyplus 


・Year Founded: 2010

・Total Raised to Date: $3.99M


Developing and operating the learning management SNS "Studyplus", and  "Studyplus for School", a learning management service for educational institutions.

2. Life is Tech ! 


・Year Founded: 2010

・Total Raised to Date: $3.93M


Providing services specialized for artificial light type plant factories such as

Operating "Life is Tech!", an IT / programming education service for junior high and high school students.

3. div inc.


・Year Founded: 2012

・Total Raised to Date: $16.8M


Developing various schools such as "Tech camp programming education" where you can learn programming from inexperienced, and "Tech camp engineers / designers" which allows you to get a job as an engineer / designer from inexperienced.

4. SpeakBUDDY 


・Year Founded: 2013

・Total Raised to Date: $3.00M


Developing and operating AI English conversation application "Speak Buddy", and online English coaching "Speak Buddy Personal Coaching".

5. monoxer


・Year Founded: 2016

・Total Raised to Date: $4.40M


Promoting the developing services that can be used without stress for both learners and teachers and that will surely produce learning results. Providing the learning support SaaS "Monoxer" mainly for educational institutions such as schools, cram schools, and language classes.

6. Aidemy


・Year Founded: 2014

・Total Raised to Date: $3.39M


Operating "Aidemy", a unique AI programming learning service that allows you to learn artificial intelligence.Providing "Aidemy Business", a solution service that supports the in-house production of corporate AI projects.

7. Progate


・Year Founded: 2015

・Total Raised to Date: $1.50M


Developing an online programming learning service "Progate" that allows even beginners to learn practical programming. Practicing writing code while actually making a product on a browser that does not require time-consuming environment construction.

8. Manebi


・Year Founded: 2013

・Total Raised to Date: $29.9M


Developing career development support platform services and online recruitment / training platform services specialized in the dispatch industry. Providing online recruitment / training platform "playse."

9. Linc Inc.


・Year Founded: 2016

・Total Raised to Date: $0.65M


Providing "Linc Study", an e-learning service for Chinese students, and "Linc Intern", a long-term intern matching service specializing in inbound talents of excellent people.

10. Medmain


・Year Founded: 2018

・Total Raised to Date: $6.88M


Developing and operating medical software and cloud services.

Providing "Medteria" that supports the learning of medical students with cloud technology.


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