NextBuy - Computer Vision based Realtime Retail Shopping

NextBuy - Computer Vision based Realtime Retail Shopping


India’s retail market is expected to surpass $1.3 trillion by 2025 with growth of 35%. Global retail market is expected to surpass $ 31.7trillion.  Though Ecommerce is growing rapidly still 92% of Sales is happening in Offline retail Market.

There are (3) most important problems every Consumer face in retail shopping

In most cases customer likes something to buy but due to various reasons he buy the best from available options.  Most of the time Customer buys the Product for higher value & buy from Bad vendor due to lack of awareness on the competitive price & feedback.

Let’s say Customer wanted to buy a Footwear then he will go to available Shop, Look for options there then try few, then select one. Here Customer ended with the Product among limited options available. The 2nd problem is knowing the actual price.

So Ecommerce opened new doors by providing best Price with Many product options. But there are many disadvantages of Ecommerce so Ecommerce’s huge, crazy, insane growth still only represents 8% of the total retail market

Why Customer choose Offline Shopping than Online Shopping

· Physical shopping is more accessible than Ecommerce

· You can actually experience the product, feel with all senses, show it to friends, relatives before buying.

· The happiness of offline shopping and spending time with loved once

· No need to wait for the delivery

· Personalized recommendation from sales staff

· No need to keep looking for discounts

· For the trusted service after the purchase

· No return required

Why Customer choose Online Shopping is

· Best price

· Discounts

· More options

Finally Customer wanted many options, competitive price, Experience & Buy in real time. To solve this problem we are coming with a Real-time Retail Shopping using advanced Computer Vision (Patent Filed). Other side the most challenging problem of any Buyer/Seller is Customer & Product experience, Feedback before purchase.

How it Works ?

A disruptive & innovative Computer Vision Technology connects offline vendors in real time based on a Visual Snap or Video. NextBuy will provide visual Search by Snap, & NLP Text Search & do on the fly Object detection, Classification, Product Mapping intelligently. Based on these inputs & Product attributes the system will connect offline vendors of NextBuy in Real-time and facilitate the Customer to select best matching item from nearest, suitable with competitive price. So Buyer is able to find the exact Product availability, Price, Best Seller based Rating/Feedback. This will save lot of time & effort of Buyer and create value for both.. Once deal is completed Customer will visit store, experience the Product then Buy. Customer can opt for direct delivery.

For more details visit : https://nextbuy.live  ( A Patent filed Product in India & 150 Countries)




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