Published 10 Nov 2023

PROTOCOL Capital, with Keisuke Honda as Lead LP, forms syndicate fund to invest in Krave Mart

PROTOCOL Capital, with Keisuke Honda as Lead LP, forms syndicate fund to invest in Krave Mart

Aiming to be the "AngelList of Japan and Asia," PROTOCOL is a pivotal player in Japan, operating the largest platform linking an extensive array of investors — from angel investors and VCs to family offices — with startups. PROTOCOL manages "PROTOCOL Capital," a fund operation service investing exclusively in select, high-quality startups worldwide. It recently announced the creation of a deal-by-deal syndicate fund, marking its strategic investment in "Krave Mart,” a fast-growing delivery service in Pakistan. 

This new syndicate fund offers a highly exclusive investment opportunity, accessible only to a select group of Japanese celebrities and serial entrepreneurs. Keisuke Honda, renowned not only as an iconic soccer star representing Asia but also known for his global investment ventures in the startup scene, has stepped up as the lead limited partner (LP) in this syndicate fund.

Positioned as the "Rappi for Pakistan," Krave Mart is reshaping the delivery landscape with its quick, home delivery of a broad range of products — from bakery items and kitchen staples like spices, bread, eggs, rice, salt, and pepper, to essential groceries and household goods. 

Boasting a population of over 230 million and ranking #5 globally, Pakistan represents one of the world's largest consumer markets. Krave Mart is setting its sights on becoming a key component of the nation's infrastructure. The service is the brainchild of four seasoned experts with a combined 15+ years in e-commerce and food delivery, spearheaded by CEO Kassim Shroff, former CCO of Pakistan's leading e-commerce platform, Daraz.

PROTOCOL Capital, with this new syndicate fund, is going beyond just funding Krave Mart. It's aiming to be a key link between the startup scenes in Pakistan and Japan. They plan to drive Krave Mart's growth by creating collaboration opportunities with potential investors, big corporations, SMEs, startups and experts with essential know-how and networks in Japan. 


PROTOCOL operates one of Japan's largest social platforms dedicated to entrepreneurs and investors, with a mission to become the AngelList of Japan and Asia

CEO: Kota Takeuchi


Adress: Tokyo, Japan

About Krave Mart

Krave Mart is an on-demand delivery service that offers a range of consumer goods with the vision to provide convenience to consumers with a go to solution for everyday needs and build the rails that define the future of commerce in Pakistan

CEO: Kassim Shroff


Adress: Karachi, Pakistan

For more information, please contact:

Leon Kaneko(Global Business Director, PROTOCOL)