Designer - challenging the world with a Japanese soccer star Keisuke Honda

Designer - challenging the world with a Japanese soccer star Keisuke Honda
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Full time
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3+ years
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2-14-12 Iwamotocho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan
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PROTOCOL is a social network for the global startup community. Discover and connect with startups, angels, VCs & job-seekers - a startup focused social platform like LinkedIn + AngelList , founded by a Japanese soccer star Keisuke Honda in 2021.

Why we do

We believe that innovation solves all problems in the world. Startups are the driving force behind this innovation. However, in Japan and other Asian countries, the startup ecosystem is still underdeveloped compared to the U.S., and startups do not have sufficient funds and human resources. Therefore, we will develop the startup ecosystem in Japan and other Asian countries and create a mechanism to attract funds and human resources to startups throughout Asia. As a result, we believe that we will be able to uncover the innovation that lies dormant throughout Asia and create a future where unicorns that will change the world will continue to emerge from Japan and other Asian countries.

How we do

We face our business every day in a professional manner, with a global perspective, and with emotional relationships. We consist of 3 professional teams, led by our chairman, Keisuke Honda, and our president, Kota Takeuchi. Bizdev team, Product team, and the Marketing team. Each team and individual has independence and expertise. We have also been aiming for the world since our inception and continue to take on challenges from a global perspective. Our outside directors and shareholders include some of the world's leading experts in their fields. We also have emotional relationships at our core. All of us are personalities sensitive to the emotions of others, and we respect, respect, enhance, support, and laugh with each other on a daily basis.

About this role


  • UI Design
  • Markering design of the service 
  • Making user story based on hypothesis, data and user interviews
  • Planning of measures and functions
  • Target user & usability verification including surveys, interviews and testings
  • Product branding & logo design
  • Design organization building & member management



  • Design ability to incorporate the vision of PROTOCOL into realistic UI design
  • Design skills that enable you to create high quality graphics from your designs
  • Project management skills
  • Ability to verbalize the intent of your design to explain it to other team


  • Experience working on large scale advertising projects (national clients, etc.)
  • Experience in the branding area
  • Experience in growing a business through marketing
  • Experience in performing user validation and effectiveness measurement
  • Knowledge & implementation experience of HTML, CSS & Javascript
  • Experience in creating CI, VI, logos & tools
  • Experience in iOS & Android app development
  • HCD-Net Certified Human-Centered Design Specialist/Specialist or other certification
  • Management experience in a creative or design department

Important Traits

  • Work proactively and with a positive attitude
  • Highly professional with a sense of responsibility and boldness
  • Interested in the startup space and eager to lead the industry
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From 11 to 50

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Designer - challenging the world with a Japanese soccer star Keisuke Honda


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