Published 05 Oct 2022

ORIGRESS PARKS, Japan's theme park startup, raises $1M

ORIGRESS PARKS, Japan's theme park startup, raises $1M

On October 5, 2022, ORIGRESS PARKS, which provides the "Leisure Pass" subscription service for unlimited play at leisure facilities throughout Japan, announced that it raised 150 million yen ($1M).

ORIGRESS PARKS is a theme park venture offering a "leisure pass." After graduating from Sophia University, Masaru Yoshitake joined Dentsu, and in his fourth year with the company became the youngest and first individual ever to win the sales award of Dentsu, and then used all his paid time off to travel around the world to observe entertainment. After that, he took on the management of a project to open a leisure facility in Tokyo as the representative director, and then founded ORIGRESS PARKS and became its CEO.

“Leisure Pass" is an unprecedented new subscription service that allows unlimited access to more than 110 paid facilities and events of various genres throughout Japan, including amusement parks, theme parks, aquariums, zoos, museums, hot springs, saunas, and campgrounds, for a monthly membership fee of 1,980 yen and up. Under the slogan of "Entertainment Revolution," the company will enhance its event lineup in addition to leisure and spa facilities to create a future in which entertainment is at the center of the after-Covid.

Mitsubishi UFJ Capital, i-nest capital, Coloplanext Co., Ltd. and individual investors participated in this round, bringing the total amount raised to 150 million yen. The total amount of funds raised so far is 207 million yen. About this funding, the CEO Masaru Yoshitake, said the following:

“We are truly delighted and at the same time more determined by the fact that we are able to raise our second round of funding after our founding. In the transition from Before-Covid to After-Covid, we will share the pain with all leisure/entertainment businesses, and then develop by taking on bold challenges with them that were unimaginable before Covid. By offering unlimited play in a variety of genres for a fixed price, we will contribute to the creation of a society where people's hearts are filled with encounters and memories by influencing the way they approach live entertainment and changing their lifestyles."

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