Published 04 Oct 2022

Yoichi Ochiai's Pixie Dust Tech raises $15M in series C round

Yoichi Ochiai's Pixie Dust Tech raises $15M in series C round

On October 3, 2022, Pixie Dust Technologies, founded by Yoichi Ochiai, announced that it has raised 2.17 billion yen ($15M) in a Series C round.

Pixie Dust Technologies is a university-launched venture that aims to provide a bird's eye view of the world from the perspective of digital technology and to be a driving force in leading the world to a new equilibrium point. It was founded in May 2017 by Yoichi Ochiai and Yasuichiro Murakami, two researchers with PhDs, engaged in research and education, and have academic backgrounds in human interfaces and wave control such as holograms.

The company offers new options to meet unmet needs around the world that go beyond traditional user interfaces and medical device approaches, such as "sound-absorbing metamaterials," "dementia care through the five senses," and "healthcare through mechanobiology using ultrasonic.

With its core technology specialized in "wave control technology (computational hologram technology and signal processing technology)" that can manipulate not only ultrasonic waves but also light and so-called electromagnetic waves, the company focuses on the development of non-contact and non-invasive devices in the office area, healthcare and diversity area, with "improving quality of life," "complementing and improving physical capabilities" and "coping with aging" as its main domains.

IF Growth Opportunity Fund I, Tohoku University Venture Partners, Shionogi & Co., Ltd., Suzuyo & Co., Ltd., Nomura Kogeisha, and Axiom Asia Private Capital, participated in this series C funding, bringing the total amount raised to 2.17 billion yen.

The company intends to use the funds raised for manufacturing and marketing expenses for the recently launched ultrasonic hair care device "SonoRepro™" and sound-absorbing metamaterial "iwasemi™" and other products to be launched in the future, as well as for product development and hiring personnel for new businesses, to further strengthen its business foundation.

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