Graffity Inc. is a Tokyo-based augmented reality game company founded in 2017 with the mission of “Play AR Play Real”, which means to change communication through AR entertainment. The company is tenured in AR development, having launched four AR communication apps in two years, including the world's first AR battle, Pechabato, which achieved 200K downloads organically. Graffity has raised $2.7 million from investors, and is currently developing a new AR hero shooter game called Leap Trigger that will make AR gaming even more fun and engaging. For more information, visit https://graffity.jp/en.


AR Shooting Game - Leap Trigger
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Leap Trigger is a free-to-play AR mobile hero shooter game where you become a champion and fight alongside mystical and man-made “buddy”. Become a champion with unique ability, move your body, avoid the opponent's bullets, and hit the opponent with a Ultimate Skill from an advantageous position. Buddy that support battles also have unique abilities. Build the deck with 3 buddies and fight to the end. Expand your battlefield at home, in the park or at school and show ‘em what you’re made of!


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