Zahir from Singapore and I am the Founder/CEO of JingJuk, JingJuk is a video streaming platform where user upload video & share globally. We’re looking to scale and grow worldwide. In JingJuk platform, users can upload short videos up to 60 seconds and share around thee world. Currently we have innovative plans to add many USPs that can be possibly be patented. As for the brand Jingjuk is trademarked in Singapore and pending approval in US, Europe, India China and more to come. We are looking to raise pre-seed funding. We are targeting Asian markets for now. JingJuk was launched recently and it’s live now in beta mode. Below is JingJuk’s App download link, website and Social Media Platform Links: Do check it out!



JingJuk is a Singapore based short video creation and sharing platform company. JingJuk mobile app will allow users to easily create and edit videos using a variety of effects. In JingJuk platform, users can stream live broadcasts, record short video clips, include their favourite tracks, and post the results on our app with ease. Users lip-sync and re-enact their favourite scenes from music videos or movie clips or create their own customize contents sharing to billions of folks worldwide. JingJuk app is available for download in Apple's iOS and Google's Play Store in beta version. TARGET MARKET The target market focuses mainly on young adults and teens (13-30 years) who display and express themselves more on social media, and have more time to spend on video sharing. JingJuk will also enable companies to set up corporate accounts to launch media campaigns, share videos, and engage directly with their respective followers/viewers which will in return provide an effective channel for them to build brand affinity and customer engagement. There is a huge potential in the short video market, driven by high penetration of mobile Internet users worldwide and the fact that young generation have cravings for funny and interesting video clips. JingJuk will be going global as it presents tremendous growth opportunities. We have plans to roll out the app in multi language options gradually to facilitate entry in markets like Middle East, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, South America, Russia and Europe. We anticipate exponential growth worldwide in the coming months. We will be scaling supersonically to gain market share in the global markets through aggressive and innovative marketing campaigns.


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