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Nature Architects™ is a company that develops “DFM”, a design algorithm that revolutionizes conventional product design with metamaterials*. DFM (Direct Functional Modeling™) is a design algorithm that uses metamaterials to freely design the properties of each product component and to generate drawings. DFM is able to add new properties to product parts that have not been possible before. By using DFM to control rigidity (softness) at a high level, for example, it is possible to embed a vibration-absorbing function in a hard material. Furthermore, the various properties required for each component, such as frame and operating parts, can be designed and manufactured as a single unit without having to separate them. The application of DFM is not only for end products that explicitly deal with motion, such as robotics, automotive, and aerospace, but also for components such as levers, switches, fans, springs, etc. Nature Architects is working with companies that are interested in new design, manufacturing, and processing methods to develop products.




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