Angel investor, founder, and general supporter of startup, SME/large-cap in the attractive city of Tokyo, Japan. I'm an investor in companies including NOT A HOTEL, Anifie, and more. I was previously Vice President of Mercuria Investment; an Alternative investment firm and also Senior Vice President of En Fund; a Joint fund between the Development Bank of Japan(DBJ) and Charoen Pokphand Group(CP Group). I generally just try to be meaningful and helpful with globally decentralized institutional investors and industrial giants’ networks. This summary is a partial story of “the above-the-line” version of me; Feel free to connect with me on Twitter or LinkedIn for the other part of the story. Follow or reach out to me on Twitter




Investment Policy

Investment area
Startups Blockchains Web3
Investment round
Series A Series B Series C Series D Series E Series F Series G
Investment size
¥10,000,000 ~ ¥100,000,000

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