Richard is a seasoned senior executive who has worked at tech startups, an investment firm, management/strategy consultancies, and Fortune 500 tech firms. He has held roles in business/corporate development, product development, consulting / customer success, operations, investment management, and strategy development, including several C-level executive positions. Richard has managed significant growth and scales of businesses globally. Throughout his career, he has also advised C-level executives and boards on strategy, product development/management, GTM, and pricing, as well as governance, risk management, and controls. He is seen as a well-rounded strategist, builder, operator, and innovator. Richard started his career as a software engineer developing messaging and collaborations systems, then transitioned to designing enterprise-scale analytics and operations systems. His journey continued through several top-tier tech firms and consultancies, where he developed new businesses/products and scaled them significantly. He is currently spending much of his time helping and investing in tech companies and other large enterprises in need of guided access to more advanced tech.


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Richard Jhang
Richard Jhang
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