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CaFE, the cash flow engine, removes cashflow anxiety for SMEs to make their life easier.

We are tackling a problem deep lying everywhere in SMEs who are now faced with prices-up and inflation. They are still keen to survive rather than to grow after the shock of the Covid-19 pandemic. We are a strong team focused on the delivery of innovation to the SMEs who have limited skills and resources to handle finance from the UK to the world. The unique mix of knowledge, skills and experience in finance and technologies we obtain has been converted to CaFE, the Cash Flow Engine, to make the existing banking model obsolete. Now it’s time to go to market globally. About out business: - Our challenge: CaFE sitting on Open Banking APIs changes the game of SME banking (Fintech/Data Analysis) - Target market: SMEs - The problem we are tackling (Why): Cashflow is responsible for up-to 90% of business failures. - The cause: SMEs lack the skills and resources to handled finance in sophisticated manners - A barrier to digitalisation: “No better tools than spreadsheets for budgeting” - A model to scale-up (How): CaFE embedded in online banking is delivered to SMEs through their banks (a B2B2C model). Open Bank Data enables CaFE to digitally support their ALL SME clients. - The solution (What): CaFE fills the skills gap in their knowledge without forcing them to spend time in managing budget and cash flow. - Ready to go to market: CaFE is live in the UK and a Japanese version of CaFE on Moneytree has been tested. - Strategy of global deployment: CaFE linked to Salesforce will be able to add value with dynamic financial data on the existing banks’ static CRM data in Salesforce




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CaFE, the cash flow engine
CaFE, the cash flow engineService LinkGo to service site
CaFE sitting on Open Bank Data and Cloud Accounting Software generates real-time profit and loss views with alerts to SMEs and their banks. It doesn't force business owners to spend time in managing data in the product but works as a personalised CFO to advise them about what to do well in advance before risks arise. Tailored Dashboard to their banks gives a bird's eye view to find proactive actions to be taken to their clients.


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