Shuya Yamazaki
Undergraduate Researcher at NTU Singapore

Shuya Yamazaki is a former All Japan Karate Champion and current undergraduate researcher at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. Born and raised in Toyama, Japan, Shuya has dedicated hims...

Primary role

Data Scientist

Years of experience

Less than 1 year

Following roles
Machine Learning Engineer
Data Scientist
Job hunting status

Open to offers

Desired employment status


Culture needs
What to expect in your next jobYour expectations for your next job have not been registered yet.
Desired work styleGet a big picture
Desired communication styleMake use of good listening skills
Desired career pathBe specialist
Desired role on teamLeader
Desired taking on work styleCreate my own work
Desired progression styleWork together as a team
Desired training cultureGet trained
Desired decision cultureRational
Desired orientation cultureInnovative
Desired management cultureEmpowerment
Desired evaluation cultureResults based
Desired workplace cultureBusinesslike

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