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Kinois is a business with two employees in Hofu City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan that develops IT business, mainly on the Web. We develop multiple web services and websites, and also develop and dist...


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WebPass is a new standard that realizes a domain-based identity network that can identify individuals (characters) throughout the Web. Since the poster can be identified on the entire web, it is possible to notify the poster's followers of the post, notify the poster of the reply, and view the poster's behavior history. We named it Web Passport because it is an ID that can be used throughout the Web. The web service "hitois", which was conceived by Satoru Nakamura, the representative of kinois, and is also developed and operated by kinois, is being developed to the stage where it can be put into actual operation as the first WebPass ID issuance service. WebPassは、Web全体で個人(キャラクター)を識別できる、ドメインベースのIDネットワークを実現する新しい規格です。 Web全体で投稿主を識別出来るため、投稿主のフォロワーに対して投稿を通知したり、返信を投稿主に通知したり、投稿主の行動履歴を閲覧したりすることが出来ます。 Web全体で利用できるIDであるため、Web Passport(ウェブパスポート)と名付けました。 kinois(キノイス)の代表である中村智が発案し、同じくkinoisが開発・運営するWebサービス「hitois(ヒトイス)」を最初のWebPass ID発行サービスとして、実運用可能な段階まで開発が進んでいます。
It has a mechanism for easily linking data distributed on the Web to individual ID (WebPass ID). Copyright information, work information, and work-related information can be easily and automatically aggregated and published as a single piece of data. However, since automatic collection requires cooperation, the target is limited. (No restrictions when combined with WebPass.) Web上に分散したデータを、個人のID(WebPass ID)に簡単に紐付ける仕組みを持つ。

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